Mr. Peanut's New Planters Nutmobile

As part of our sustainability journey, Planters is embarking on the 2011 "Naturally Remarkable" tour, encouraging Americans to grow stronger communities through service and conservation. The tour inspires people to become planters by volunteering with The Corps Network, the nation's service and conservation corps. As part of the tour, Mr. Peanut's new Planters Nutmobile, fueled by biodiesel and powered with solar energy, will travel to over 16 cities across the U.S.

Inspired by how peanuts naturally give back to the earth1, the new Planters Nutmobile uses environmentally-conscious materials and harnesses the power of sunlight and wind.

Sustainable features of the Planters Nutmobile:

  • Runs on biodiesel
  • Solar panels on the roof, along with a wind turbine, charge a battery that will power vehicle lights and audio when the Nutmobile is stopped, as well as provide energy for some tour stop needs
    • A two-hour drive in the Nutmobile will generate and store enough wind energy to power a one-hour tour stop event
    • This is the first time a wind turbine has been used to power a commercial vehicle of this nature
  • Reclaimed wood (from an 1840's barn that was being torn down) was used to create the interior flooring
  • Interior lighting is provided by low-energy LED lights
  • Reclaimed headlights, windows and a windshield frame

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1Peanuts enrich the soil with nitrogen as they grow, so farmers can use less fertilizer for other crops planted in the same plot.