Naturally Remarkable Planters Awards

On September 20, 2011, Planters and the National Peanut Board celebrated the first-ever Naturally Remarkable Planters Awards in New York City. The three winning peanut farmers – Barry Martin, Otis Lee Johnson and Billy Bain – were toasted by friends, family and industry leaders in an awards ceremony overlooking Manhattan. Even Mr. Peanut himself was on hand.

The awards recognize the most sustainable farmers in the country and Barry, Otis and Billy are just that, each using innovative, environmentally friendly farming techniques while also demonstrating true leadership in their communities.

At Planters we're on our own journey toward sustainability, reducing our packaging footprint and converting facilities to zero waste. And together with our 2011 winners, we're helping to create a more sustainable supply chain overall, from seed to store.

Each of the winners will receive a donation of $10,000 toward a "Naturally Remarkable" revitalization project in their own community. Watch this space for more details. And congratulations to our Remarkable 2011 winners!

Meet the winners of the 2011
Naturally Remarkable Planters Awards

Dinwiddie, VA

*Nominated by: Michael Parrish
 Virginia Tech, Extension Agent ANR & Dinwiddie Unit Coordinator

Billy Bain is an advocate for environmentally friendly farming practices and was the first state grower to strip-till peanuts, a process that could lead to less disease, maintained yields and reduced costs. Mr. Bain also organizes field trips to his farm for local elementary school students and is the winner of the 2009 Virginia Farmer of the Year and the 2010 Chowan River Basin Clean Water Awards.

Seminole, TX

*Nominated by: Shelly Nutt
 Executive Director, Texas Peanut Producers Board

Otis Lee Johnson, was an early proponent of environmental sustainability practices such as using low energy precision application (LEPA), along with low drift nozzles (LDN) to maximize irrigation efficiency. Mr. Johnson sits on the board of numerous community groups such as the Western Peanut Growers Association and the Seminole ISD Board of Trustees and is the current Secretary/Treasurer, and past Chairman, of the Texas Peanut Producers Board.

Hawkinsville, GA

*Nominated by: Ronnie Barentine
 University of Georgia, Pulaski County Extension Coordinator

Barry Martin's innovative ideas range from modifying existing equipment to conservation tillage work. Due to his system-based approach to conservation tillage he has helped double his percentage of organic soil matter. He has also implemented a Peanut Intensive Management Program that helps save millions of gallons of water through precision irrigation. Mr. Martin is an active member of several agricultural programs and committees and his farm was featured on a Best Management Tour put on by the University of Florida.